Face Paint & Body Art Cedric

Face Paint

Teresa's talent and understanding for face painting is naturally connected to her background in performance art. You can recognize Teresa's unique face painting style through the free interpretation of each different face she paints. This, she has developed through years of working at carnivals, festivals, kids' parties, markets, private venues, hotels, & functions as well as clubs. 
Simple and fast face-paints for the little ones and more elaborate for older children and adults. Fun for any age!!

Themed face-paints and costumes available upon request 
Colourful costumes provided: Red-Circus-fairy, pink-fairy/princess, purple fair. 

Using high quality nontoxic face-paints
Public liability & Children check provided

Gazebo also available.


Body Art for any event !

An organic living art pieces on stage or in a themed environment, using models or entertainers to amuse the audience. A unique specialized art form, too be remembered.
Or get painted for those special events; promote your business or a product.
Anything is possible from realistic interpretations of the human form to the very extensions of one’s imaginations.

Using non toxic highest quality body paint brands for the best effect


Face Paint Costumes

Colourful character costumes provided: 
To add to the fun for the face painting

  • Red-Circus-fairy
  • Pink fairy 
  • Pink princess
  • Blue lady
  • Purple fairy

Themed face-paints and costumes also available upon request!!