Hair Styling Cedric


Specialising in creative cuts and colouring, using colour brands such as

Farma Vita Suprema, using 3 different oils

Macadamia oil

Aragan oil

Avocado oil

Providing 100% grey coverage.

For naturals, vibrant reds/purples silvers.

Vibrant colour ranges:

Using non ammonia semi Hair colours from UK

Products: Organic and sulphate and paraben free


Over 12yrs of personal experiences, making fixing and tightening of dreadlocks using a combination of Crotchet needle, needle & manual teasing/twisting. No chemicals used.

Using your own hair, real hair or fake hair 

Real hair using European hair strong and long lasting to create volume colour and length

Fake hair for a temporary effect create volume colour and length

Rasta braids:

Create volume extra length and add colure or just use your own hair.

Hair wraps using cotton or wool colure threads wrapped around a small section of your own hair creating nice colourful patterns.

Bridal & formal hair styling 

Customized hair styles for that special day or formal event.

Teresa has many years of experience in the industry and have won awards.

Taken pro workshops with Lorna Evans and attended many expos and workshops to further her skills as a Hair stylist.